The venerable old Knoxville High School building on East Fifth Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee is currently being transformed into 75 independent senior living apartments with the kind of amenities you’d expect to find only in large cities—or perhaps on vacation.

The building, which has not been used as a school since 1951, has remained occupied by the Knoxville Board of Education and is in sound structural shape.

Knoxville High Independent Senior Living will also house a museum which will honor the old high school, whose alumni association is enthusiastic and whose history includes such well-known graduates as actress Patricia Neal, actor John Cullum, and author James Agee. It will offer rotating exhibits curated by the association and will include an outdoor public park around the school’s famous Doughboy Statue, dedicated in 1922 to honor World War I veterans.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting senior living development, please call (865) 210-5544.