Caregivers taking senior loved ones for a stroll

At Home/DIY Caregiver Stress Test

People who choose the caregiver role, or who are thrust into it due to family circumstances, can become overwhelmed by the responsibility and begin to suffer from caregiver role strain. Increasingly, elderly dementia/Alzheimer’s patients have as their sole caregiver another elderly, fragile spouse who is at risk for his or her own medical problems due […]

Image of senior living resident and staff member at Lakewood Senior Living in Kingston, Tennessee

How to Overcome Caregiver Role Strain

Anyone that is the primary caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness, such as dementia/Alzheimer’s, takes on a role that can become both physically and psychologically debilitating. “Caregiver role strain” is a term used by medical personnel to describe the symptoms and signs associated with caregiving. It’s defined as a situation when caregivers […]

Oakwood Senior living community in Knoxville, TN

Introducing Oakwood Senior Living in Knoxville, Tennessee

UPDATE: Oakwood is open and thriving in Knoxville! Please click here to learn more about this community on our website, and please click here to check out all the fun we’re having at Oakwood Senior Living on Facebook!  Oakwood Senior Living is the newest addition to Senior Solution’s collection of assisted living and memory care […]

Antebellum Grove in Warner Robins, Georgia

Georgia Assisted Living Search Tips

“Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.” This line, from the famous song “Georgia”, was made popular by the legendary Ray Charles. It’s the official state song of Georgia, and represents the view’s of millions of people who choose to live in this beautiful state. It is known for its sunny, subtropical climate, […]

Exterior of Oakwood, a Tennessee Assisted Living community in Knoxville, Tennessee

Tennessee Assisted Living Search Tips

Tennessee is a highly desirable state for people of all ages and incomes. It features interesting historical sites, beautiful rivers, lakes and of course, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Tennessee is home to Nashville, the country music capitol of the world, and many famous musicians such as  Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. Nashville’s […]

Benefits of Choosing Assisted Living Over a Nursing Home

The decision to transition your loved on into a senior living community is an important choice. You should not choose hastily, as there are many options to weigh. Knowing what choices that are available to your loved one is an important step in choosing a senior residence. Whenever possible, research senior living options with your […]

Winter Exercise Tips for Seniors

“Though the weather outside is frightful,” exercise can still be delightful. When it’s cold and slippery outside, stay safe and take the exercise routine indoors. Regular activity is important to keep joints limber and flexible, maintain good blood flow and preserve strong muscles.  So, even as the winter wind howls outside, follow these winter exercise […]

4 Exercise Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active

Staying active is very important for seniors. An active senior lifestyle brings measurable health benefits, including stronger heart and lungs, lower cholesterol levels, and increased energy. Exercising regularly reduces the risk of falls and hospitalization, one of the biggest health dangers for senior citizens. Active seniors more easily perform everyday activities, which improves their quality […]

Why the Flu Vaccine is Important for Seniors

People commonly underestimate the impact that the flu can have on elderly individuals. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that the flu causes as least 3,000 deaths per flu-season in the US. Individuals aged 65 and older make up 90% of these cases. Furthermore, people aged 65 years and older account for 50-60% of seasonal […]

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Learn about Alexander Guest House

Located just minutes away from Knoxville, Tennessee, Alexander Guest House offers full service Assisted Living and Memory Care options. Everything includes all-inclusive pricing with no length-of-stay contracts and no hidden fees. about Alexander guest house Originally known as “The Guest House”, Alexander Senior Living occupies the historic building in Oak Ridge, Tennessee that was built during the Manhattan Project to secretly house official visitors during […]