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The Benefits of a Full Activity Calendar in Senior Communities

Finding a senior living community with a truly dynamic and creative activity program isn’t as easy as you might think. Too many communities focus on the “same old, same old” activities. Residents should be able to enjoy new, stimulating activities that they don’t see every day. If you or your loved one are looking to […]

Why Senior Safety is Job One for Senior Living Communities

Newspaper headlines reinforce the importance of safety for those residing in senior living communities. In California, three residents of an assisted living home died after eating poisonous mushrooms used in a soup. An elderly woman recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease fell to her death from a second floor window at an assisted living center in […]

Plan a Happy Holiday in Your Senior Living Community

Holiday season can be a lonely and melancholy time for loved ones who have moved to a senior living community and miss their spouse, family home and family traditions. In fact, studies show that the holidays are, counterintuitively, a cause of increased depression for many seniors, who may be struggling with feelings of loss and loneliness. Don’t let […]

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Improve Senior Brain Fitness with These Foods

Better foods lead to better health. This is true for everyone, but it’s especially important for seniors. Eating healthy becomes more important as our loved ones age. While brain functions may decline over time, increasing evidence concludes that specific foods can and do improve senior brain fitness. There isn’t one “magic bullet” brain food, but take […]

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Senior Living Options: Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

Making the decision to move to senior living can be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing. To minimize these negative side effects, it’s important to understand the difference between assisted living and independent living care communities. There are a few common misconceptions about the different kinds of senior living options available, so eliminating as much confusion as […]

Useful Gifts for Independent Living Residents

Seniors who have moved into an independent living community spent lots of time and effort to downsize their possessions so they could comfortably live in their new residence. Keep that fact in mind as the holiday season nears and you begin gift shopping. Though Mom may not say anything to you, it’s doubtful that she wants […]

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How Technology Can Help Senior Living Residents

When you think about who needs access to the internet, smartphones and all the modern technology tools that keep us connected, you may not think about your aging parents. However, consider the conclusions of a study conducted by Dr. Helen Feist of the University of Adelaide, Australia. She explored how technology can help older people in more […]

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Explaining Dementia Care to Young Children

Anyone with a loved one suffering from dementia knows that feeling of sadness that comes with a visit to a dementia care community. Yes, you know that this is where mom, dad, or granddad needs to live now, but still, you wish it wasn’t so. Imagine the feelings of a young one who is now going […]

A Checklist for Dad’s Move to Assisted Living

Dad has decided that it’s time for him to move into an assisted living community. You’re happy that he’ll have people around to make sure he’s healthy, well provided for, and socially stimulated. Your family can help dad plan and execute his move with as little stress and turmoil as possible. Unless he lacks the capacity […]

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Design Trends in Senior Living Communities

Each year, a conference called Environments for Aging is held. There, hundreds of senior living designers, architects and other professionals gather to discuss design trends in senior living communities. If you’re seeking a senior living community for your loved one, here are some design trends that you might see: Hospitality Your loved ones will enjoy more […]