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How to Quality-Check Assisted Living Medication Management Rooms

Medication management is one of the main reasons for moving into assisted living. In fact, one recent study found that 80% of assisted living residents need help with their medications. Moreover, adverse drug reactions cause 10 percent of hospital admissions in older adults–just one more reason medication management is so important. In an assisted living […]

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Assisted Living Executive Director: 4 Reasons To Meet Them

It’s important to meet with a wide variety of staff as you evaluate which assisted living community is the best choice for your loved one. When making appointments to visit the communities, be sure to visit them more than once. Additionally, advise the person doing the scheduling that you want to meet the admissions director, medical caregiving […]

What to Look for in a Dementia Care Community

You receive the devastating news that your loved one has dementia. Then you struggle to cope as they gradually lose the ability to perform daily living functions. After attempting to take care of your loved one for as long as possible, you finally decide to place them in a care community. Now, you face a […]

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8 Brain Fitness Activities to Help Your Loved One Stay Sharp

When we are mentally and physically stimulated, we are more engaged, energized, and enthused, regardless of age. As such, brain fitness activities are becoming a standard of care in senior residential communities. Research shows these activities improve memory, increase attention span, and strengthen information-processing skills that can deteriorate with aging. One study of more than 5,500 participants aged […]

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Technology Solutions for Medication Management

One of the most important decisions a family will make concerns the long-term care of aging loved ones.  Because most assisted living residents take many medications, it is important that assisted living medication management is a high priority.  Technology advancements have improved the entire medication management process for assisted living communities and caregivers. Technology for […]

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6 People to Question During an Assisted Living Tour

In the assisted living industry, it can be difficult to decipher the caretakers from the business mongrels. Who is truly looking out for the best interest of your loved one? How can you tell? To find out, you must be prepared to ask some tough questions. Otherwise, your only resource will be a pile of […]

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Common Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, you may be trying to piece together the facts. This can be difficult because there are a number of common myths about Alzheimer’s, its cause, and its symptoms. So, what is truth and what is myth? We understand that your loved one’s Alzheimers is […]

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The Importance of Being Transparent When Entering a Senior Living Community

Being transparent about your loved one’s condition is of the utmost importance when joining an assisted living community.  Many families underplay the severity of their loved one’s condition, even though they want them to receive proper care. There are a number of reasons why a family would cloak their loved one’s condition. In the end, […]

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Veteran Senior Care Costs: What Are the Options?

Veteran senior care costs can be an overwhelming topic. But did you know your veteran loved one may be eligible for financial support for their senior care?  A little known and little used veteran benefit program is available for veterans and their spouses that offers financial support for veteran senior care costs including assisted living, […]