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Tour River Oaks Place - Lenoir City, TN


river oaks placeRiver Oaks Place - Lenoir City is a unique, spacious, and gracious environment. The community sits high atop the "old town" of original Lenoir City and enjoys beautiful views of the Tellico Lake and Smoky Mountains, yet is just minutes from doctors offices, banking, shopping, and dining.

River Oaks Place features The Retreat, a state-of-the-art dementia care program. Our team of professionally-trained staff take a family-based approach to dementia care, joining you in providing the support to you and your family in the daily care of your loved one. By sharing in the caring, we understand the benefits of being a best friend to your loved one, helping now instead of later.

TN Dementia Care

Spacious and beautifully furnished, River Oaks Place is elegantly cozy, comfortable, and feels like home. Residents enjoy homestyle meals, crafts, and social gatherings in our three large dining rooms.

River Oaks Place

Residents can participate in recreational activities like our walking club, community garden, group outings, and more. There's always something fun to do at River Oaks Place!

River Oaks Place

Family and friends are always welcome to visit. And sometimes we get visits from four legged friends, too.

River Oaks Place

River Oaks Place offers floor plans for all lifestyles, whether it be Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Secured Memory Care. Residents feel right at home in our one or two bedroom apartments that feature optional private balconies.

We hope you've enjoyed your online tour of River Oaks Place in Lenior City, Tennessee. Contact us to schedule a personal tour and learn more about how we are caring for seniors in our assisted living and dementia care programs.

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Tour Carriage House Inn - A Tennessee Senior Living Community



Carriage House Inn is located in Shelbyville, TN between the cities of Murfreesboro and Lynchburg, a little over 50 miles southeast of Nashville, TN. The community offers three living options: independent, assisted living and secured memory care.

At Carriage House Inn, the feeling of home is unmistakable. Each room is filled with warm, natural light. You can’t help but take in the irresistible aroma of made-from-scratch pie coming from the main kitchen. The soft music enveloping the central living room brings a little joy to everyone.


Residents have the option to participate in activities, like visiting the library, exploring paths and a working garden, and participating in recreational activities and exercise programs.


The dining room provides residents the opportunity to socialize with friends and guests while enjoying a memorable homestyle meal.CarriageHouseInnDiningRoom

Carriage House Inn features The Heart Remembers, our state-of-the-art dementia care program designed to provide the safety, companionship, and engagement residents need. Though memory may fail them...we never will.

We hope you've enjoyed your online tour of Carriage House Inn. Contact us to schedule a personal tour and learn more about how we are caring for seniors in our assisted living and dementia care programs.

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Tour Wellspring Senior Living at Powell - A Tennessee Senior Living Community



Wellspring Senior Living at Powell is a memory care neighborhood that provides state-of-the-art Alzheimer’s and dementia-related care designed to stimulate residents’ memories and senses through practical life activities.

The community provides customized activities to engage the mind, body, and soul, as well as recreational and social events and outings.


The pet friendly community offers plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy the fresh air with its outdoor seating and open spaces.


At Wellspring Senior Living at Powell, residents experience our memorable homestyle cooking while dining in the beautiful dining room.


The residential apartments are filled with warm, natural light, helping residents feel like they are right at home.


We hope you've enjoyed your online tour of Wellspring Senior Living in Powell, Tennessee. Contact us to schedule a personal tour and learn more about how we are caring for seniors in our assisted living and dementia care programs.

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Homemade Happiness - Celebrating National Assisted Living Week 2013


NALW 2013 homemade happinessThe National Center for Assisted Living established “National Assisted Living Week” in 1995. This week of activities, events and community interaction is designed to bring residents, families, staff, volunteers, and the surrounding community together in celebration of seniors and to show them our love and appreciation. The theme for 2013 is “Homemade Happiness”. Celebrations are rolling in all twelve Senior Solutions Communities. We will enjoy fun events and activities like:

  • Happiness Heroes
    Recognizing those shining stars among us, we’ll be calling out the residents and team members that make every day just a little bit better with positive attitudes, contagious smiles and kind words.

    National Assisted Living Week Smiles

  • Homemade Treats
    Our residents will be sampling wondrous homemade goodies like pizza, ice cream and cookies. Part of the fun will be making these treats themselves and with visiting loved ones.

    National Assisted Living Week Eats

  • Homemade Crafts
    We’ll be hosting craft days and art shows, showcasing the collections and talents of our residents. Special projects are scheduled throughout the week at each community for seniors to enjoy.

    National Assisted Living Week Arts

  • Making Music
    Although we enjoy musical performances from time to time, we are especially excited to have various musical guests in this week in all of our communities to help us celebrate. Our residents enjoy just sitting back and relaxing, singing along or getting up and dancing.

    National Assisted Living Week Music

  • Family Breakfasts
    We invited the family members of our residents to join us to kick off National Assisted Living Week. A scrumptious buffet of tempting treats was rolled out and fun was had by all.
National Assisted Living Week Family

We love any opportunity to celebrate our residents and offer them fun and activities that can be enjoyed by the surrounding Tennessee and Georgia communities. Stop by one this week and see what we’re up to:

Do you have any questions about what it’s like in our of our assisted living or memory care communities? Contact Senior Solutions to request more information or schedule a personal tour today.

How are you celebrating the seniors in your life?

Schedule An Assisted Living Tour

Take a Tour of Wellspring Senior Living - Knoxville, Tennessee


Wellspring Sign

Wellspring Senior Living is one our newest assisted living communities, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wellspring was designed to have all the comforts of home for assisted living. And The Retreat at Wellspring, our state-of-the- art dementia care program, is designed to provide your loved one the safety, companionship and engagement they need. 

Wellspring Senior Living Exterior

Our spacious dining/common area where residents gather for meals, activities and fun.

Wellspring Common Area 2

Chefs prepare delicious meals and desserts for our residents to enjoy.

Wellspring Chef

Our raised gardens give the opportunity to continue their passion for gardening.

Wellspring Gardens

There's always time for a game of pool.

Wellspring Activities 2

Wellspring offers luxurious private suites.

Wellspring Residence

Well lit and bright colors, with plenty of room to call their own.

Wellspring Residence 2

Enjoying time together, with peace of mind for families.

Wellspring Dining 2

We hope you've enjoyed your online tour of Wellspring Senior Living in Knoxville, Tennessee. Contact us to schedule a personal tour and learn more about how we are caring for seniors in our assisted living and dementia care programs.

16 Fun Social Activities for Loved Ones in Assisted Living


Jamestowne Music ActivitiesOne of the keys to making your loved ones’ transition to assisted living easier is keeping them busy with social activities. Many assisted living communities have a very robust activities calendar filled with more than most can accomplish in a day. But Mom or Dad may still feel that there is something missing from what is offered or want something new to do. Here are 16 fun social activities for loved ones in assisted living.

  1. Gardening Club – Communities can set aside an area outside accessible to residents - even those with walkers and wheelchairs. Involving them with each seasons plantings and care will go a long way towards making it feel like home. The residents that love to garden would enjoy being a part of the whole process: designing, planting, and caring for the garden.
  2. Pizza Time - Residents can get together and make their own individual pizzas. Flatten biscuits by pressing on them and stretching them out. Add a little pizza sauce and let the residents choose their own toppings. The kitchen bakes them and they have a nice afternoon snack.
  3. Root Beer Float Bar – Let seniors make their own floats, choosing ice cream and sodas.
  4. Ice Cream Socials – Picking their favorite ice cream and toppings makes this social activity fun and a favorite.
  5. Cheese Bar – Set out cheese and crackers with fruit for a nice afternoon snack and social time.
  6. Handbell Choir – Many residents participated in handbell choirs in their local churches. For the holidays, get a group of residents together to resurrect their talents and entertain everyone.
  7. Local Musicians Showcase – They can be invited to come in and play music for the residents. Groups like schools, churches, performing choirs and small bands would brighten their days.
  8. Karaoke Night – Hold a karaoke night and invite the families. They’ll all have fun singing together.
  9. Nail Fun - the ladies (and some of the men) love to have manicures and pedicures. The staff or families can provide the service, or invite in students at the local beauty school.
  10. Hand Massages - Often times offering some small relief from arthritis pain, nice smelling lotion and a gentle massage is welcomed by men and women alike.
  11. All the News…. - Read items from the local newspaper. Reader can read the title of an article and take votes whether the group wants to hear the whole article.
  12. Parties, parties, parties – Get everyone together to celebrate residents’ birthdays with a party and hats. Have cake, ice cream and all kinds of snacks and presents, too.
  13. Around the World - Take a different country once a month and learn about it and even try to eat a sample of food from there. Include a simple craft from that country to work on.
  14. Start a Book Club – Choose one book a month for everyone to read. Then hold a meeting to discuss it with snacks.
  15. Pet Therapy – have residents’ family members or a local organization bring in pets to visit and be loved. This activity soon becomes a resident favorite.
  16. Red Hat Society – start a Red Hat Society for your ladies or a women's tea once a month with finger sandwiches and a selection of teas and juices, invite the public to increase interest in your facility. Connect with an active chapter in your area and ask those ladies to join you periodically.

These are but a few activities that can easily be added to any assisted living community calendar to increase the daily activities of seniors. Would you like to visit one of our Georgia or Tennessee assisted living and memory care centers? Request a tour today. We look forward to meeting you.

What activity does Mom or Dad miss the most?

10 Signs It Might Be Time for Tennessee Dementia Care Living for Mom


Tennessee Dementia CareMom has been changing. It started with little things like forgetting doctor’s appointments and not recognizing a family friend. But depending on the cause of the dementia and the area of the brain that is affected, family concerns will continue to increase. As the symptoms mount, concerns for her safety and well being may outweigh her reluctance - and yours - and it might be time for Tennessee Dementia Care Living for Mom. 

The symptoms and signs of dementia vary by patient due to the causes and areas of the brain that are affected. While you only may see a few signs, here are more to be on the lookout for:

  1. Memory loss
    One of the first signs and most noticeable, it can come through as confusion or anger when Mom forgets an appointment or event. 

  2. Difficulty in remembering recent events
    Her memories of high school, her wedding or the birth of her children are still crystal clear, but remembering a recent holiday or grandchild’s sporting event may no longer be occuring.

  3. Challenges in recognizing people and places
    When a normal trip to the grocery store, mall or post office turns into an hours long ordeal while Mom is parked somewhere confused, it may be time she gave up the keys. Many seniors are fiercely independent and will balk. Just keep promoting ensuring her safety.

  4. Difficulty in normal speech patterns
    When they are frustrated because of repeatedly not being able to come up with the right words for the situation, misunderstandings and disagreements can occur as Mom tries to hold on to her speech and memories. Be patient when you're chatting with her and give her time to gather her thoughts and form her words.

  5. Challenges with simple, everyday tasks
    Paying bills, balancing her checkbook, following a recipe, or writing a letter have become too much for her. Electricity and other services being disconnected are red flags to watch for. Even though Mom says she’s fine and not to worry about her, you need to know if she can't handle those tasks and others to maintain her independent living status.

  6. Stressing when exercising judgment
    Normal decisions like what to wear, which couch to buy or what to have for dinner will increasingly cause stress or anxiety for a Mom suffering from dementia. Watch for a marked decrease in these normal types of activities. Sometimes when they get to be too much, she will opt to skip them rather than dealing with her confusion.

  7. Forgetting details that may be crucial in an emergency
    If Mom is living alone and having difficulty in remembering her address, who her doctor is or what medications she is taking, the situation can become critical if there is an emergency situation.

  8. Depression when there previously was none
    Depression can set in as Mom becomes overwhelmed with the realization sets in that her memories are slipping away. Watch for signs of sudden weight loss or gain, reluctance to participate in normal activities or loss of appetite - all can be signs of a serious depression.

  9. Agitation, aggressive behaviors
    Don’t be surprised if sweet mannered mom becomes someone else entirely. Patience and a sense of humor are the keys to surviving this stage. Know that this is not your loving mother. This is outward sign of the confusion she is experiencing on the inside.

  10. Personal grooming and bathing
    When Mom is suffering from dementia, her normal bathing and grooming habits may be neglected. Her normal fastidiousness or long standing appointments at the beauty parlor may be ignored. And you may find her in wrinkled or dirty clothing when you visit. Don’t ignore the signs when you see them.

These are but a few of the symptoms Mom may be experiencing. Some of the more severe varieties of dementia demonstrate symptoms like hallucinations, frequent falling, rude or inappropriate behaviors. If it is time to discuss options for Tennessee Dementia Care, contact Senior Solutions, We have communities in Shelbyville, Kingston, Lenior City, Louden and Knoxville. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

What are you looking for in a Tennessee Dementia Care community for your Mom?

25 Must-Haves for Assisted Living Care in Tennessee


When the decision has been made to relocate your senior loved one to assisted living care in Tennessee, there are dozens of questions, considerations and options. The task can be overwhelming. Just take a moment and breathe. Then separate the must-haves from the wants and prioritize your senior care list requirements. Once you have established exactly what you are looking for, you can begin evaluating communities. Review this list of must-haves for assisted living in Tennessee when you evaluate the communities that you are visiting.

  1. Assisted Living Dining Clean rooms and common areas
  2. Pleasant common space décor
  3. Seniors able to decorate own spaces
  4. Safety and security procedures readily visible
  5. Fire extinguishers and other safety equipment clearly visible
  6. State certifications and inspections available for review
  7. Welcoming outdoor space(s) for residents
  8. Reasonable resident-staff ratios for adequate care of residents
  9. Jamestowne Assisted Living ActivitiesStaff that has passed state training/certification
  10. Continuing staff education opportunities
  11. Criminal background and reference checks performed
  12. Dietician on staff or consult for dietary requirements
  13. Meals available in dining room or private quarters
  14. Physician on-site visits on a regular schedule
  15. Transportation to doctor, x-ray and lab appointments
  16. Prescription delivery and administration
  17. Availability of over the counter and basic medical supplies
  18. Lakewood Place Senior Care ActivitiesRegularly scheduled physical and brain exercise programs available
  19. Exercise programs for all ability levels
  20. Physical therapy offered on-site
  21. Community activities calendar posted and shared with residents
  22. Numerous daily on-site and off-site activities
  23. Family and community involvement on a regular basis
  24. Religious services offered on-site
  25. Transportation offered for special religious occasions

These are just a few of the must-haves that a loved one must look for when evaluating senior assisted living care in Tennessee. Be sure to review the contract and be knowledgeable about what is included and what is extra. And when you’ve found a few favorite communities, go back at different times and unscheduled visits to get a feel for the “real” management. Even send friends or other family members to get their impressions.

Can we assist your family in evaluating or selecting an assisted living community? Contact Senior Solutions for a tour of any of our Tennessee and Georgia communities.

What is your must-have for your senior loved one?

Father’s Day Activities and 10 Gift Ideas for Dads in Assisted Living


Assisted Living ActivitiesFather’s Day is when we honor our fathers and thank them for all they’ve given us. When Dad is in an assisted living community you might be worried that the celebration will be ignored. Rest assured, a vibrant community embraces reasons to hold celebrations and Father’s Day is no exception. One of the most popular community Father’s Day celebrations is a barbeque. Many times it is combined with fun outdoor activities like horseshoes, corn hole, croquet or shuffleboard. And to be sure, games of dominoes, Uno, bingo, gin rummy and bunko can always be found at the picnic tables. Getting residents, family members and the surrounding community together for food, fun and outdoor time is always a plus.

Sometimes it is a day for a field trip. If your father is in good health, it’s the perfect time for a nice lunch out, a movie, a baseball game or just a visit to your home. While the day-to-day may be challenging and require Dad to reside in assisted living, the chance to get out and have some good time with family and friends does wonders for their spirits.

But what to get him? His living space may be smaller than his former home and needs change as they age. Here are some great senior gift ideas that Dad will use and enjoy in his assisted living community:

  1. robotic mechanical grabbersRobotic/mechanical grabbers – these tools help Dad reach and grab items he may have dropped or are out of reach - with ease.
  2. Large print puzzle books – crossword, word search, Sudoku, or whatever his favorite one is – bring him several to fill up until your next visit.
  3. A new deck of cards or new games - retirees love to play games and will just flat wear out their cards and games. Try getting Dad a deck with large print.
  4. DVDs of their favorite old movies or a subscription to Netflix.
  5. Portable DVD player – often easier to use than a big tabletop one that is too heavy for Dad to move.
  6. iPod or other MP3 player with his favorite songs and noise canceling headphones.
  7. Novels – Get Dad the latest from his favorite authors.
  8. Digital Picture Frames – Load a bunch of new photos in with every visit and show Dad how to operate it (write the instructions down).
  9. Laptop or tablet - If Dad is tech savvy, make sure he has an up-to-date system. Facebook is fun for those with less outside interaction. They can see all the pictures and news family members post.
  10. Skype – introduce techie Dads to Skype if they are not already on it. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with loved ones that can’t visit that often.

But the best gift is time with loved ones. If family lives out of state or a few hours away, Father’s Day is the perfect time to visit and spend some good time catching up. Wondering about the activities and celebrations at assisted living communities in Tennessee and Georgia? Contact Senior Solutions for a tour of one of our communities today.

What are your Father’s Day plans?


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Is It Time for Dementia Care? A 25 Step Checklist


dementia care assisted livingThe initial diagnosis is heartbreaking and you may not immediately be considering dementia care. But symptoms sneak up on you and your senior loved one. At first it is just the little things that they forget, but the configuration and chemistry of the brain suffering from dementia continue to diminish over time. Their ability to remember, understand and communicate decreases gradually. It can be hard to decide when someone who has ordinarily been independent and self-sufficient is suffering from dementia and should no longer live alone. Here are a few questions to help you determine if it is time for dementia care in an assisted living community.

  1. Does she call you in the middle of the night for non emergency reasons?
  2. Have letters and phone calls slowed or stopped? Are you always calling first?
  3. Is he taking his medications on a proper schedule?
  4. Is she unresponsive to inquiries during a conversation?
  5. Is he losing or gaining weight without explanation?
  6. Does he dress appropriately for the occasion or current weather conditions?
  7. Is the smell of urine on his clothes?
  8. Has his usual grooming or clothing style changed dramatically?
  9. Does he stay up later and later, and not wake until much later in the day?
  10. Is she late for appointments or not ready when you’re picking her up to take her?
  11. Does she accuse you of being late when you are not?
  12. Is she no longer interested in old friends? Does she no longer call or write them?
  13. Has she quit attending activities like: grandchildren’s athletic events, church, prayer groups, and Bunco night or bridge club?
  14. Does she forget that you were going to stop by for a visit or to pick her up to take her to your house?
  15. Is she neglecting to mention or talk to her younger grandchildren or great grandchildren?
  16. When visiting, is the temperature in his house set too hot or too cold?
  17. Are there signs of pots that have been burned or forgotten food left out?
  18. Is his mail sitting unopened and his paper unread?
  19. Has he bought way too much of certain food that he can’t reasonably eat?
  20. Has the refrigerator been overtaken with spoiled food or is it nearly empty?
  21. Does the house smell slightly or overpoweringly of urine?
  22. Are there signs of forgotten and not cleaned spills or neglected garbage?
  23. Has his electricity, water other services been shut off because bills have gone unpaid?
  24. Have you discovered letters or answered the phone when a charity is thanking him for his contribution – and he’s not contributed to that one historically?
  25. Has she wandered from home or gotten lost when running a simple errand?

One or two of these signs are not an indicator that your senior loved one is no longer capable of taking care of themselves, but they can indicate a pattern. Use this list as a touch point when visiting. Run through the questions in your mind or subtly do a quick review of the list to gauge where your loved one’s capabilities still lie. When it is time to consider memory care assisted living in Tennessee and Georgia, contact Senior Solutions. We have facilities that offer independent, assisted and nursing services. Our staff truly cares for our residents and ensures that they have an enriched and safe life.

What is your biggest concern about seniors with dementia?

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